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Every day a little better

At Delta Increment we believe that things can be done better, not radically better and completely different all at once, but a little better every day. Why settle for normal, what everyone does when we can do better? 

And so Delta Increment was born, searching for clothes. For a few years I have been trying to buy clothes with ecological materials, recycled and can be fair trade. This is very complicated! Most of the clothing is made in China with clearly improvable working conditions, with poor quality materials and polluting dyeing processes. 

In addition, then this has to be sent to Europe, with the cost of fuel that this entails to end up being sold for ridiculous prices with which costs are hardly covered. And this brings us to the pillars of Delta Increment: a little better every day. 

Ecological and sustainable materials

The manufacturing materials of our products will always be ecological, organic or recycled. Environmentally friendly materials for a sustainable future. 


Fair trade manufacturing process.

The cutting and making of clothes in most of the products is done in Bangladesh, but with decent conditions and fair trade for the workers. In addition, each product is dedicated to a cause and a percentage of the profits is donated to support a non-profit association that defends causes aligned with our values.

We offset the carbon footprint

In the process of sending the material from origin, cutting and making, dyeing, printing, storage and shipping to the customer, polluting emissions are generated when using fossil fuels for transportation. 
From delta increment our commitment is to be a carbon footprint neutral company, offset all our emissions through environmental partners that offset these emissions by planting trees in needy areas. 

Eco friendly packaging

Whenever possible our shipping process will be with eco materials and whenever possible avoiding plastics and harmful dyes. 

Most of our orders are shipped in a cardboard box with recycled paper wrapping.

What are you waiting to join the revolution? 

Sustainable materials

We use certified organic cotton and recycled polyester in all our garments

Solidarity and fair trade

We manufacture our garments in bangladesh following fair trade policies and we allocate 10% of the profits to NGOs

Carbon neutral

Our shipments are carbon neutral and we ship everything packaged in recyclable materials